About the Teacher

A picture of me Name: Jessica Monaco

Age: 24

Likes: Anime, Dr. Who, BBC's Merlin, Supernatural, reading, writing, Italian food, cats, dogs

Brief History: I decided to become a teacher as a child but did not pursue it as a career until my second year of college. I aquired my A.A. at PSC, my B.A. at UCF, and my M.A. at Roehampton University. I traveled Europe during my time at Roehampton University and visited a lot of interesting historical sites. My twin sister also became a teacher, but of the English language and Language Arts.

Before I decided to become a teacher, I took one year's worth of IS classes at a collegiate high school when I was seventeen. At eighteen, I realized I never wanted to work on computers for a living and switched over to social sciences secondary education.

To contact me:

Work phone: 555-429-1685 (ext. 700)

Home phone: 555-460-7306

School Email: jmonaco@phc-fl.net